Thursday, May 10, 2012

Duck eggs now available at Sequim stores

 Our 4-year-old Blue Swedish ducks still produce 5-6 eggs per week!

As our laying ducks came into full production earlier this spring, we were collecting 30-35 duck eggs per day. Sequim's wonderful Alder Wood Bistro, which has been buying our duck and chicken eggs for four years now, was still a couple of months away from the start of their busy summer season.

What to do with the extra eggs?

I started making phone calls. As a result, Canyon Creek Farms' duck eggs are now for sale at Sunny Farms Country Store on Highway 101, as well as at Nash's Farm Store north of downtown Sequim. Sunny Farms sells them by the half-dozen; Nash's offers both half-dozens and full dozens.

Duck eggs are higher in several vitamins, minerals and amino acids than chicken eggs. I recently learned that some people who are allergic to chicken eggs can tolerate duck eggs. The higher viscosity of the whites makes duck eggs ideal for baking, and customers have told us that duck eggs seem "richer and creamier" than chicken eggs.

In addition, duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs: a large chicken egg is 2 ounces, while our duck eggs average between 2-3/4 and 3-1/2 ounces. This means more food value for your money.

If you've tried the Alder Wood tart (the house quiche) or the Chocolate Bliss (a fabulous flourless brownie) at the Alder Wood Bistro, you've eaten our duck eggs. Now you can buy Canyon Creek Farms duck eggs at local Sequim stores to try at home!


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